Cartoon War

The three little Danish newspaper pigs published cartoons poking fun at the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Humor Be Upon Him) and now the Muslims are going to “huff and puff” and burn the Danish flags and boycott Danishes, and all those other goods the Danes export to the rest of the world. Well, congrats to the three little Danish pigs, and all the other “brave freedom fighters” at other European publications for taking such a bold and well-thought-out position on the Christian-Muslim cross-cultural dialog! Muhammad with bomb-turban??!! Gotta love that freedom of speech thing. Let’s go ahead and piss off a few more Muslims, let’s throw some more fuel on the fire. Not enough that Paris was burning recently, what European city will be next? Copenhagen?

And boo-hoo to the oh-so-enraged Muslim world. C’mon, let’s have a little sense of humor here!! I mean, who was it who insulted your Holy Prophet (pbuh)? The DANES! Europe’s humor-central! Or should I say “the joke(ers) of Europe? I mean, these guys didn’t even make decent colonialists!! When The French, the British, the Italians, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Germans, the Dutch, the Belgians divided up the world among each other, and extracted the wealth out of India, Arabia, Africa and the Amazon, the Danes colonized … Greenland. And Iceland. Yeah – nice glaciers you guys! Great skiing! But of course those troublemakers were just JOKING! Because they are a FUNNY people!

So now they have done it again. The sharpest minds of the Danish humor elite have come up with this brilliant idea: let’s publishing dumb, offensive and racist “jokes” to incite outrage across the Muslim world in order to expose the absurdity of human existence. Brilliant! Yet more of this entertaining footage of those “humorless” Arabs burning flags and chanting scary-sounding slogans on CNN. Maybe Rasmussen is going to declare a “Humorless Axis” and next year Denmark is going use “joke and awe” to invade Syria, to restore a sense of humor to the Arab world?

Seriously: this story shows how easy it is for the radicals in this crazy world to hijack the discourse and turn it into the tired, old “us and them” bullshit. “Those Arabs can’t take a joke” versus “those Europeans are always picking on us.” It would be funny, if it wasn’t so painful to watch.

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