From the cafeteria into the school bus

The Gaston County NC School System announced that it is starting to produce biodiesel from recycled vegetable oil from the school cafeterias to use in operating school buses. That’s a brilliant idea – they don’t have to pay to get rid of the WVO from the fryers in the cafeteria, they save fuel money and the production of the biodiesel is a great lesson in chemistry and economics. But best of all, they reduce the exposure of their students to a significant health hazard because biodiesel dramatically improves the emissions of diesel engines.

That’s what I call a win-win-win situation: reduction of health hazards, educational lesson AND money-saver!

Praise the Lard!

Other Biodiesel News:
ADM Announces Plans to Build Biodiesel Production Facility. They are planning to make the “good juice” from canola oil.

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