Creationists worried?

The Discovery Institute does not like all this fuss?! What are they worried about? Isn’t god on their side?

A twist in the case is that a leading proponent of intelligent design, the Discovery Institute, based in Seattle, removed one of its staff members from the Dover school board’s witness list and opposed the board’s action from the start.

“We thought it was a bad idea because we oppose any effort to require students to learn about intelligent design because we feel that it politicizes what should be a scientific debate,” said John G. West, a senior fellow at the institute. However, Professor Behe, a fellow at the institute, is expected to be the board’s star witness.
In Evolution Suit, a Web of Faith, Law and Science – New York Times

Or maybe they are worried that they haven’t got their science story quite worked out. If Stephen Meyer’s paper on “Intelligent Design” is supposed to be their science story, ID is toast.

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