Akitani ‘suffers stroke’ – Boko in Paris

As the Abuja meeting between the RPT and the opposition concluded, not surprisingly without any tangible results, news broke yesterday that the opposition candidate of the last “election” in Togo had fallen ill:

Emmanuel Akitani Bob was flown on Thursday to a hospital outside Paris, where he is being treated for neurological problems, doctors say.

He was evacuated after talks in Nigeria aimed at solving the political crisis.

A medical source in Togo’s capital, Lome, said Mr Akitani Bob had a stroke that paralysed the left side of his face and his left arm.
BBC NEWS | Africa | Togo candidate ‘suffers stroke’

Considering the man’s age and the stress of his position in the last few months, this is not totally shocking. But I can very well imagine the rumors that may be circulating in Togo, right now.

Update about Francois Boko:
Steve Grogoza, a Naples, Florida lawyer, returned Peace Corps volunteer, and friend of the interior-minister-turned-dissident Francois Boko, posted his account of the events surrounding Boko’s attempt to stop the elections.

When the Togolese regime found out about Boko hiding in the German embassy, the the Goethe Institute in Lomé was torched by RPT thugs, destroying a very nice cultural center, library and information resource for the folks in Lomé.

According to Grogoza, Boko is now in Paris and has plans to travel to the US.

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