Goethe firebombed

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a troublemaker, but torching a Goethe Institute goes too far:

A German cultural centre has been gutted in an arson attack in the Togo capital, Lome, in the latest outbreak of violence after disputed elections.

The early morning attack by masked men wearing black comes after Togo’s interior minister accused Germany of supporting the opposition.
BBC – German centre firebombed in Togo

After the RPT bludgeoned the opposition in Togo into submission, they are now trying to “get even” with the Germans, who are sheltering Francois Esso Boko, the former Interior Minister. The German Embassy is well-guarded, but the Goethe Institute, a newly renovated German cultural center in downtown Lomé, was obviously vulnerable.

The blaze destroyed 8000 books, a number of computers, a vehicle and gutted the building. The damage is said to be several 100,000 Euro. The Tagesschau has more details (in German). Boy, those RPT thugs sure showed those Germans what they are made of!

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