Spring has sprung

DogwoodsIt is spring in North Carolina. Finally. We are all completely drained from the deprivation and hardship of six weeks of Winter, i.e. six weeks of temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, 9 days of “hard frost (below 32 degrees Fahrenheit), and two “snowstorms” (average of 1.5 inches of snow) that shut down everything. But all this suffering is over now. Spring is here and everything is turning green. Everything. Our deck, including the new grill: green. The cars. Well, the Jetta is always green, but it’s greener now than ever. The dashboard is green, the floormats have green footprints. The back of the passenger seat has green footprints, too. Small, green footprints. The doormat is green, the cats are green, the trailer in the back yard is green. We are experiencing our first pollen storm of the year (average of 1.5 inches of pollen).

Anyway, I took some spring pictures with my new digital camera. I am very happy with my new camera, a brand-new Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel) SLR digital camera. So far I have only the kit lens, a 18-55 mm Canon EF lens, but I am not complaining! I love it! If I want to, I can set the aperture and shutter speed manually, or I can use one of seven automatic modes. I am still struggling with the auto-focus a bit, trying to get it to behave predictably … but I often just turn it off.

More pictures to follow soon …

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