More Protests and Clashes in Togo

Opposition activists in Togo have scored a victory with the resignation of Faure Gnassingbe, but their work is not done. There were more protests in Lomé, demanding the full restoration of constitutionality of the government. And in the Togolese police reacted in the predictable way, with teargas and violence. With Faures retreat, Abass Bonfoh, became the interim head of state, until new elections are held. However, Bonfoh was installed in his current position as the president of the national assembly by the military, just like Faure Gnassingbe.

Coffi Félix Gaston, at, argues strongly that Bonfoh’s position is just as illegitimate and unconstitutional as Faure Gnassingbe’s was. Gaston argues that Bonfoh is just a another RPT apparatschik, and that there is no way that Togo will see free elections with him in charge:

C’est donc dire que dans la situation actuelle Bonfoh n’est pas habilité à organiser cette élection qui ne serait qu’une parodie au cours de laquelle on verra ” des morts voter”.
Coffi Félix Gaston,

So now, with the sanctions lifted, and “Baby Eyadema” off center stage, will the CEDEAO and the AU keep the pressure on the strongmen of the RPT? They need to continue to insist that the constitution in Togo be completely restored by restoring Fambaré Natchaba as the President of the National Assembly

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