A New Car

Today, I finally bought my new car, a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDI. Two weeks ago, our mechanic confirmed that our 1995 Plymouth Neon had a blown headgasket. So I started shopping for a replacement. I found mine on Autotrader.com, for sale from a private seller in Cary for a very reasonable price. They had just bought the car for their son, who was supposed to be stationed in Texas for two years, but then was deployed to Germany. I had looked around and driven a number of Jettas, and really started to like these cars. So today, I wrote a check and bought the car.

Last summer, one of the gas stations in North Durham opened a B20 biodiesel pump and that sparked my interest in buying a diesel car. But when Laura stopped getting paid by WLP, and had to start looking for a new source of regular paychecks, I put my car-shopping on hold. At the time, there were also only few Jetta TDI’s posted for sale in the area. This time around, I found several 2000 – 2003 TDI Jettas, and I drove several of them. eventually, I had to decide between a red one with automatic transmission and new tires, and a green one with a stick shift and no new tires. I picked the green one, because I really liked the short, sporty stick shift., and because the price was a bit less.

So, now I am looking forward to pumping biodiesel for the first time tomorrow. For the time being, I’ll probably stick to the commercial B20, especially since it’s winter. But I’ll check out the local biodiesel scene, and maybe even tackle building my own biodiesel reactor.
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